Enable multiple users

Enable multiple users

The base installation instructions install a complete working application for a single person.

If, after you’ve installed the base application, you want to allow multiple people to access it, these instructions will show you how to enable login accounts.

Step 1: Configuration

In the config.toml file in your installation folder, change the web.auth setting from none to login.

auth = 'login'

After making changes to your configuration file, restart the application:

sudo systemctl restart nextPYP

Step 2: Setup

When in login mode, the application will require some first-time setup to create the first administrator account.

Open the application website in your browser. Then change the url in the address bar by replacing the /#/dashboard part with /#/admin. This will load the hidden administration page.

For example, if you access the website at the url https://nextpyp.myorganization.org, then the URL for the administrator page will be https://nextpyp.myorganization.org/#/admin.

Once on the page, you will be greeted with a page like the following.


Fill out the form, click Create Administrator, and you’ll make the first administrator account.


See the Administration section for information on how to create and manage users and groups in nextPYP.

From now on, to access the website, you’ll need to login with your account name and password.