A scalable platform for single-particle cryo-EM/ET image analysis


nextPYP is an open-source, end-to-end platform for high-resolution single-particle cryo-EM/ET image analysis

Blog 1
On-the-fly data pre-processing


Analyze micrographs and tilt-series in real-time, including movie frame alignment, CTF estimation and particle picking. Learn more

Blog 3
Particle picking suite


Pick particles from micrographs or tomograms using size-based, geometry-based or neural network-based methods. Learn more

Blog 2
High-resolution refinement

Single-particle/Sub-tomogram averaging

Multi-mode constrained refinement and classification. Particle-based CTF refinement, movie frame alignment and exposure weighting. Learn more

Portable, easy-to-use, fully featured web-based GUI.

nextPYP features a storage-efficient architecture that avoids saving full-size tomograms, sub-volumes, and particle stacks, allowing routine processing of thousands of micrographs or tilt-series and tens of millions particle projections.

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2024 nextPYP Virtual Workshop

Watch the recorded lectures and practical sessions from the workshop.


Development of nextPYP is supported by grants from NIH/NIGMS (R01-GM141223), NIH/NIAID (U54-AI170752), the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (2021-234602), and Duke University.



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High-throughput tomography

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3D particle picking

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2D particle picking

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Automatic particle sorting

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Movie-frame refinement

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Constrained single particle tomography

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